Protecting Aircraft Owners

Empowering Flight Training

Assisting Aviation Investigations

Aircraft owners solve problems faster and flying schools train their students better through data analysis.

Your whole operation in one place. Take the pulse of your fleet when you log in.

All the relevant information at your fingertips. Track your aircraft usage month on month. Obtain a great snapshot of a single aircraft or an entire fleet. See when the next 100 hourly is due on a particular aircraft. See the last 5 flights associated with each recorder.

Relive the moment and replay any flight at any time.

Replay individual flights. Whether you’re conducting flight training, looking at your navigation route or trying to find that greaser landing. You can replay the flight from start to finish. With our AHRS system you’ll see every bank and turn, ground speed and pitch angle, heading along with GPS altitude, Quickly identify areas of concern by the Altitude view or simply see how many circuits you did for accurate flight logging.


Get detailed. Drill down into the analytics and look at a the smallest section of a single flight.

Expand the 2D view to drill down into specific parts of the flight. You will be able to look for repeatable patterns in the flight and find areas that need improvement or see the progress from previous flights. Whether you’re conducting Stall training, Steep turns or circuits, you’ll have all the tools to make yourself or your student a better pilot. 

Aircraft Owners

Aircraft Owners have peace of mind that their asset is being monitored, which can positively impact pilot behaviour. Simply log into your account and check out the latest flights, or if you’re trying to match up landing fees with hirers you can see the entire flight path flown on any particular day.

Our maintenance alerts mean that if an  owner has their aircraft online with a flight school, they’ll receive advanced warning when maintenance is due so they’re aware of any financial implications.

Flight Schools

For Students and flying schools – better data and analysis means they can improve student learning. Better training leads to desired outcomes being achieved earlier which means students get value for money and schools get a solid reputation.

The flight schools who are using our test units are getting real benefits by being able to sit with students and analyse the data from their last flight. It help with correcting bad habits, but also to show the student the positives on how far they have come in their flight training.

Aviation Investigations

Too often investigators have the difficult task of piecing together the last moments of a fatal flight. Often left to find witness accounts and go through the tedious task of extracting data from devices not intended as flight data recorders.

With the Vio, Investigators will have a tool that can assist in painting an accurate picture of what went wrong when there isn’t anyone to tell the story.