About Us

Velaero Avionics was founded in Brisbane Australia, by Stephen Limkin, Ruth Limkin and Josh Fernandes. Since its inception it has grown into a company of like minded individuals dedicated to producing products for the aviation industry. The team are passionate about aviation safety, and in particular finding the root cause of aviation accidents. Our hope is that the work we do through the development of the Vio will save lives through better understanding of accident analysis.


The Velaero Team

Stephen is a Business Owner,  and Flight Instructor. He is well connected within the Light Sport and General Aviation community and is passionate about Aviation Safety and has experience developing and running projects.


Joshua is a senior engineer, with  a Masters in Mechatronics Engineering specializing in Aerospace & Robotics and brings experience working with teams across the financial, real estate, crypto and networking industries.

Ruth is the founding CEO of The Banyans Health and Wellness group. She had extensive experience in business, government, community and media and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Stephen is a Software Engineer experienced in various technologies, languages, and processes including C#, DevOps (CI/CD), Windows & SQL Server, Networking, Embedded Systems, and AWS/Azure. 

Matt graduated with a double major in data communications and software engineering in 2005. He has been in network and system administration within secondary and tertiary education institutions, more recently in non-for-profits.